SEO Course

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the must have 21st century skill to advance your career to new heights. Most of the organizations aims to recruit best possible Digital Marketing expert who has deep knowledge in SEO. We at “D Marketing Expert” have a vast experience in shaping up your career in SEO which can lend you the best paying job in the world.

Our course is purely designed to nurture you from a beginner to an industry-ready SEO professional expert. We follow a simple rule, 90% hands-on for the best learning experience.

Course Preview:



  1. Explore the importance of META TAGS and learn how to effectively use it
  2. How to avoid Duplicate Content implementing CARONICAL TAG
  3. Master different productive ways to analyze the website
  4. Make the best use ofHeading Tags in Contents
  5. Understand the impact of Description Tag and how it affects the SEO ranking


  1. Nurture yourself with knowledge of the terms Keyword Proximity, Density, Analysis and utilize its strength to full effect
  2. How to Optimize your Header and Footer Keyword for the best results and why are they important
  3. Why one need to useImages and how to insert image usingImage Alt Tags
  4. Optimize and Rank your Web Page higher in the Search Engine
  5. Expertize yourself in Interlinking your web pages
  6. What is Robot File Optimization and how to use it
  7. What is Anchor Text and its significance
  8. Perfect technique to rename the URL
  9. Evaluate your website using Website Audi
Marketing Strategy Connecting Digital Devices Concept


  1. Effectively use Submission to Search Engine perfectly and gain the insights from the output
  2. Drive High Quality traffic by submitting crucial and valid information in Directory Submission
  3. Master the technique of Deep Linkingfor better results
  4. How to Submit a Blog and Bookmark it to get featured in top results
  5. Explore various ways to write an SEO powered article and Classify the Submissions
  6. Indulge yourself in various FORUMS to build a marketing relation but do not spam it
  7. Build quality backlinks using Press Release, Press Release Submission
  8. Explore the benefit of One Way Link Buildingand how to master the skill
  9. Build attractive Google Site Maps, Sitemap Creation, and XML Sitemapfor better optimization
  10. Analyze the Competitor website, keywords used, build a report and take necessary actions
  11. Understand the significance of Plagiarism and tricks to avoid it at any cost
  12. Understand the technical terms Copyrighting, Call to Action, and Copy-scape to avoid any future hustle
  13. Perfectly use the Coding Standards and various Tags